Pyrometer for gas temperature measurement

Key-words: flame, gas temperature

Accurate gas temperature measurements at elevated temperatures can be performed with a suction pyrometer. Suction pyrometers for laboratory as well as industrial applications are provided. Accredited calibration of system (thermocouple and read out unit) can be provided.

Pyrometer is delivered with manual and instructions how to obtain reliable gas temperature measurements.


Un-cooled suction pyrometer travel version. Two ceramic radiation shields for industrial measurements up to max. 1300°C. Length of the suction pyrometer can be extended from approx. 1m to 3m.

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Measurement of the local gas temperature in boilers and flames by thermocouples is affected by thermal radiation heat transfer between the thermocouple, flame and walls. It is in theory possible to correct temperature readings, but it is difficult in practise as many parameters must be known.

A well-established way to improve accuracy of local gas temperature measurements by a thermocouple is to use a suction pyrometer, where the thermal heat transfer by thermal radiation is reduced by radiation shields around the thermocouple tip. In the standard suction pyrometer the thermocouple, protected from chemical attack by sheath, is surrounded by two concentric radiation shields. The gases are drawn between the shields and over the sheath with high velocity (usually min. 150 m/s) so that the equilibrium thermocouple temperature is nearly that of the gases without the need for correction.

Standard suction pyrometers exist in many versions, e.g. high temperature water-cooled suction pyrometer with platinum-rhodium thermocouple (flames up to 1700°C) or un-cooled suction pyrometer with type K and N thermocouple up to typical 1100°C and 1300°C, respectively.




Water-cooled high-temperature suction pyrometer short travel version. Three ceramic shields up to max. 1700°C. The water-cooled suction pyrometer can be up to 8 m long.

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Miniature suction pyrometer with 10 mm diameter outer ceramic shield. The suction pyrometer is cooled by ambient air through the 4 holes at the 12 mm Swagelok fitting.