The best solution for large burner and flame optimisation is an inspection system combinening both video and thermal imaging, i.e. flow of fuel particles can be seen through sooty flame with an IR camera (3.9 ┬Ám) and ignition by visual video (400-700 nm). NIR camera can be a strong tool for looking at deposits in boilers.

Pyroptic offer a complete series of water-cooled probes for imaging for nearly any application. Pyrooptics IR endoscopes can be used with FLIR high speed IR thermal cameras.



IR still image showing fuel (wood dust dark structures) in flame.


Video of burner row useful to see ignition of flames and failing. Only one flame ignites correctly out of four, and one flame do not ignite at all (CO formation problems and poor burn out).


Video versus thermal imaging in boilers

Water cooled probes

Water cooled probes FOV

Furnace Monitoring