Water-cooled probes

Key-words: video probe, ATEX, flames

Pyrooptic manufacture a wide range of water-cooled probes for measurement and inspection in boilers and flames at temperatures up to 1800°C. Miniature and long stainless steel probes with length up to 9 m can be delivered with cold probe tip that allow mounting of video camera or sensitive measurement devices (gas and particle sampling, electronics, optics, particle sizing, heat flux, etc.) inside probe tip. Probes are approx. 45 mm in diameter standard, but is available in diameters from below 10 mm to 60.3 mm depending on application.

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A water-cooled probe is a perfect tool to get information in flames, boilers, furnaces, etc. A 2-9 m long probe can be designed for measurements at high temperature and dust loads.



Water-cooled video probe with field of view going 45° backwards used for looking at deposits on burner during operation.


Video probe and special LED illumination with control box for video recordings in explosive area (ATEX).

Link - Youtube video (deposits in boiler)